This is: Veuve Olivier


A Product of Les Grands Chais de France

Les Grands Chais de France is a family-owned and operated winery, founded by Joseph Helfrich in 1979. The family's history started in a small village in Alsace, Kirrwiller when Joseph started to sell Alsacian spirits. 

Joseph quickly realized that French wines were hard to understand for consumers, due to the complicated ranking & appellation systems. He decided to create a French wine brand, focusing on highlighting grape varieties, instead of appellations. 
This is how Joseph created what is today, the number one French wine brand sold in the world. Today, Joseph and his family still run the family's business, which has quite expended, as the family owns more than 60 properties all over France. 

One of the Domaine of expertise of GCF is sparkling wines. Whether it is traditional or Charmat method, the company has tied long-term contract with Family growers, precise sourcing to maintain high-quality standards & sustainability. 

Today, GCF represents French Traditions & Art de Vivre, in more than 170 countries in the world.